starter bnr
Corn Fritters
(Golden deep fried american corn tossed with bell peppers hot garlic sauce)
Nachos with Salsa
(Trotila chips served with cheese & salsa sauce)
Mexican Beans Nachos
(Tosted garlic bread with tomato, basil and olive oil topped with cheese)
Paneer Kathi Roll
(Delicious tangy and spicy paneer mixture rolled in chapatis served with mint sauce)
Bhatti Ka Paneer
(char grilled organic cottage cheese richly flavoured with spices)
Tandoori Mushroom
(char grilled mushroom marinated in exotic spices)
Sauteed Vegetable
(vegetables fries in olive oil)
Vegetable Seekh Kebab
(mixture of minced vegetables and spices cooked in tandoor)
Kasturi Kebab
hung yogurt and cottage cheese mixed with kasoori and spoce grilled on tawa
Tandoori Sesame Aloo
(stuffed potatoes cooked in tandoor marinated with indian spices)
Loaded Cheese Fries
English Canopies
Chilly Baby Corn
Peanut Masala
Garlic Cheese Bread
Garlic Bread
Spinach Garlic Cheese Bread
Pita with hummus
Papad Roll